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Message from the Managing Director

As an organization, we have always dreamt of achieving progress in the truest sense of the word. We have always looked at it as a distant reality. The moment we have achieved it we have moved on to the next goalpost. This is because we know that there are always new landmarks that are waiting for us to come and cross them. It is with this idea that I began VICOM Security PVT LTD in 1995 as a company that was serving sectors such as safety, communication systems, and security.

It was within a short span that we ascended to become a name to be reckoned with in the context of the industry. Every entrepreneur that starts a business wants to adhere to a dream. Similarly, I have always wanted to push my company to achieve higher milestones that are more difficult to achieve. Even more important than being a global player has been the conviction in me to make a positive difference to the clients and communities that we are catering to.

A step in this regard has been taken with the way that we have priced our products. VICOM has also dared to walk paths not walked by many others and this is evident from the way that we have ventured into the automation segment. This is the reason why we have partnered with CAME, the most well-known automation company in Italy. We know how sensitive this particular business is and the kind of technical and specialized knowledge and expertise that it needs. We at VICOM understand that if we have to preserve our competitive advantage we have to be uncompromising with our service and offer them the best product possible.

Rajesh Bhutoria
Managing Director
VICOM Security Pvt Ltd