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Sectors We Serve

As part of our work we serve a wide range of industries such as the following:

  • Government projects
  • Real Estate
  • Banking Institutions
  • Schools and Academics
  • Heavy and Light Industries
  • Health and Hospitality
  • Public Transportation
  • Other Institutions


Provide comprehensive design with SITC & AMC of High definition video surveillance , Fire detection & Alarm , IT networking , Plant communication for heavy industries / PSUs / Government institution to provide real time video & Safety alert information thereby allowing the effective action helps better plant operation , better co-ordination and security management.

Real Estate

Provide comprehensive design with SITC & AMC of High definition video surveillance , Fire detection & Alarm , IT / OFC networking , Video door phone entry with Access control , Fibre to the home (FTTH) solutions for real estate industries thereby securing the residents both from internal & external security threats.

Banking Institutions

With our expertise in E-Surveillance Solutions, we provide the comprehensive integrated Video-Fire Alarm- system on secured VPN network to get the real time information & emergency alerts enable to take timely action & thus preventing theft / robbery of public money from anti-social elements. VICOM is E-Security guard for Indian banking industry.

Schools & Academics

Our surveillance solution for schools & educational institutions not only help improve the discipline but also helps improve the academic operation management, teaching & training standards thereby enabling the institution to excel in all round development of students to attain the high degree of academic standards.

Light & Heavy Industries

Our innovative NETWORK CCTV & FDA design helps you get multi-level monitoring points to supervise the plant operations, thereby provide greater degree of efficiency & thus improved the productivity & economy of scale. Needless to say it checks the pilferage & enhance the overall plant security & provide the real time video information in case of Fire emergency.

Hospitality & Health

Our CCTVs in-still a greater sense of discipline among the employees working in such establishments. This makes them function with more efficiency with high degree of 24×7 alertness to take care of guests or patients.

Public Transportation

We offer a Smart Fleet system for Public transportation. We know that your trucks carry goods of immense value. With our solutions, you can keep track of their movement and the driver too. The camera can efficiently track the driver ( drinking / talking on mobile / feeling exhausted / state of drowsiness and alert the driver as well as to all the stakeholders ( fleet owner / goods owner), thereby reducing risk of accidents & thus providing safety to the driver’s life / goods / fleet .

Other Institutions

Security is a major issue, regardless of the location. However, with our smart CCTV surveillance system, you can reduce threats significantly.